Cycling & mountain biking in Radstadt

Biking excursion
Biking excursion in Radstadt

Whether sporty or leisurely, Radstadt is a paradise for all cyclers & mountain bikers. Whether a beginner, advanced learner, or professional, in the Salzburg Sports World, all types of bikers will find their perfect route.

With the 20 newly sign-posted routes, mountain bikers will definitely get their money's worth here.

A must for amateur cyclists is the legendary Amadé bike marathon with start and finish in Radstadt, which attracts almost 2,000 athletes each year in May.

Enns bike path – from Radstadt to the Danube 

Impressive mountains, romantic valleys, rushing streams, magical villages, and historical towns will be your companion through the unique natural scenery along the 250 km long Enns bike path.